Daughter of Fire, Dedicated to Aphrodite (daharja) wrote in crcommunity,
Daughter of Fire, Dedicated to Aphrodite

I'm still researching CRON at the moment, and have only just ordered the books, but am in the process of changing my diet over, and am already noticing the difference. Sure, my weight is dropping, but the big difference is how I feel. My resting pulse is stable at 55, and my blood pressure at 95/55, total cholesterol 3.6, and I feel absolutely fantastic. I'm 35, but I feel like a 20-year-old. Actually, I feel better than I did in my 20s, probably because I lived on crap in my 20s.

My typical diet is fruit for breakfast, salad roll for lunch, huge serve of leafy greens and some protein for dinner. I snack on fruit and raw nuts during the day. I tend to opt very light on the carbs (saying that, I just had a piece of seed bread with homemade strawberry jam!), and I'm a wholefoods vegan anyway, but I'm finding CRON is doing wonders for my system. If it's this good, and makes me feel this great, why the heck doesn't everyone do it?

The main micros to watch for me are B12 and fatty acids, of course, so I supplement with a B12 tab twice weekly, and consume ground flaxseed and flaxseed oil.

Foods I avoid are carbs generally (although I do consume them several time a week, so I'm not like one of those 'oh my god carbs are the spawn of the devil' types), soft drink and juice, alcohol, chocolate, caffeine, sweets of pretty much any type, deep fried stuff (although I'm not averse to the occasional spring roll, I am trying to cut down!), and general junk food.

My results? Well, the basic stats are listed above. I've yet to go to the doc and do the full bloods - I'm waiting to read through the Walford books before I decide that CRON is definitely for me. But just on the way I feel, CRON certainly seems to be the way I want to head, although up until I came across CRON on the net, I was basing my dietary change on Dr Joel Furhman's 'Eat To Live' plan which is pretty similar in many ways - Furhman's one doc who really has the right idea. Before that (as in, before September 05), I was vegan, but a more appropriate description would have been 'junkatarian' - lots of greasy eating out, lots of sweet rubbish, and lots of high calorie, low nutrient trash.

Anyway, I look forward to getting to know everyone on the list, and sharing experience with fellow CRONies - or would-be CRONies, such as myself ;-)
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