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Question : exercise, CR and life extension

Hi, was wondering if anyone had any advice or resources on healthier exercies? I'm on a moderate CR diet, very little meat (a small amount once or so a a weak) and know that certain types of exercisesactually damage cells/cause oxidization, something I would like to try and avoid. So I had 3 main methods in mind 1) Yoga (any particular variety anyone know about?) I know that Lisa Walford is big into Yoga from reading her bio in "The Longevity Diet", not sure if that is why though 2) Pilates... yes I know it's trendy but seems like a Yoga++ or 3) I thought it was called calisthenics, but I may be wrong. A type of exercise where you use your own muscles as resistance against each other, no motion involved. Can't remember the name of it right now. These are the three main ones that I am looking into, does anyone know anything about these in relation to Radical Life Extension or Calorie Restriction? Other possibilities are mild resistance training (ie. just enough to tone muscles) combined with some form of aerobic exercise. But think one of the first 3 is probably the most condusive to the results desired.

If anyone knows anything about the physiology of these things and effects on longevity, especially combined with CR please let me know. Also if anyone practices any form of exercies please share youre knowledge and reasoning for choosing the method you have.
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