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Questions anyone?

Several Questions for you all...

But first...

the INFO...

I have never been a slim person... ever... even at points when I did have a flat stomach (there was a few there... not for long, but there was a few) I was at least a size 14. Please do not believe that I ever wanted to be a size 8, blah di di blah and skinny... I DO however worry about my health and have started to notice that I have lost certain aspects of stamina and mobility that I had gained and enjoyed when I lost the weight. Now that I have gained back some of the weight that I had previously lost, also have I lost the stamina and mobility that I had gained. I am determined not to ever get back to where I was in Jr. High & High School (size 22), but I am stuck in a deliema of sorts because there are many factors weighting on what I do next... and I'm at a wall. Head first...*thud* (ouch!) *rubs forhead* into a wall. I am active as I can be. I spend my 3/4's of my work week walking the floors at a PACE, most times I am wearing 8lbs leg weights... where days at work are usually any of the following: 7 hour shifts, mainly standing in a 5ft by 4ft bakery, I don't get to walk a lot, but I do forward & backward ballet circles, small leg lifts, and calf streches usually in reps of around 30 each - some more some less - and I can get anywhere to just 2 sets (busy days) to 6 or 7 depending on how tired my legs get - usually 3 to 4 per day average; other days are 4 to 5 hour shifts spent WALKING, and lifting, bending, carrying, steady going, light sweating, breathing DEEP to get that oxygen ; or the same type of day split into two 4 to 6 hour shifts depending on business, by which at the end of the day all I want to do is rub my feet. Every Wed. I HARDCORE juggle/dance with my Crystal Stix
( )and Hula Hoop, together, seperately, two sticks at once... but not to two sticks AND hula yet... working on it though. I also dance with my poi. Usually, I only have time to stay for two hours... but occasionally I can stay for all four. I try to dance with my hula hoop at least another time a week, and practice with my crystal stix every other day for at least an hour. I also walk at least a mile 4 days out of the week, and one other day sometimes two other days I will walk 3 miles. As soon as it is warm enough I will start swimming everyday. I try to be very active, but because of certain injuries *grumble* I have to maintain low stress activities on my joints. In other words, running is SMOOTH out. I stretch in the mornings for about 30 minutes, and at least 2 or 3 time a week I stretch in the evening for an hour or so. I also eat healthy. I am on a high akaline, low acid diet. At least one salad a day. Fruits, Veggies, Fish, Rice, Yogurt, etc... under 1500 calories a day... but I stay full. *rubs tummy* If I get hungry, I let myself eat... I just eat light. I don't drink soda. I don't eat hardly ANYTHING with High Fructose Corn Syrup in it. It is the DEBIL. Yet, it lurks there in your food. I drink decafinated tea even! I put myself on a general Hippie diet as I put it. I don't put in anything that I consider bad for me... fried food, McDonalds-Burgerking-Chickfila-etc. unless I just can avoid it and even then if I can afford to get a salad... I do... or at least grilled chicken *winces*, fatty greasy meats, proccessed sugar, sweets in general (even as a kid they weren't a draw for me), junk food, etc. I also take vitamins for assorted reasons. I thought to try to help my work out, and my getting to work through crappy traffic quicker, I would get a bicycle. A broken veribrae later *shakes fist* (DAMN YOU WAL-MART FOR CRAPPY MERCHANDISE!!!), part of me wants think that the money would be spent elsewhere, and put to better use... cause, well lets face it folks... I don't have a money tree here! I would get diet pills if I thought they were healthy and if I thought they would work, but as most aren't and don't... why bother spending the money... cause I'm broke.

So now that you have the INFO...

I'll ask the Ques-tions...

1. Obiviously... What else can I do?

2. Does the 15 to 20 minutes, that I would spend a day riding the bicycle, outweight the 30 mintues walking to work in terms of fitness levels?

3. If so, does anyone know a decent bicycle shoppe in the Houston area?

4. I have Monday's off, I am looking for someone to walk/ditch/crystal stix/hula hoop/poi/drum/whatever active at Memorial park with me... anyone... anyone... Buller...Buller?

5. General Advice?

6. Not even to lose weight, is there something that I can do other then streching to be more healthy and mobil?

7. Would it be less stress on joints to put my leg weights around my ankles or just below the knees?

8. Anything... Anything... help?

Cross Posted Sorry!
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