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nootropic interactions

I have a few questions regarding nootropics and their interactions with each other/herbs/caffeine(coffee)/and perscription medicine.

I currently take
a Restroversal supplement which has green tea extract and grape seed extract in it as well
Omega 3 et al from Flax oil gels
Chromium Picolante (sp?)
Brewer's Yeast (2 tbsp a day)
on occasion green tea
almost daily now a Mocha (1 shot of espresso in it, soy milk rather than dairy) that's my guilty indulgence there.

I am curious as to the following as I'm working on learning some new skills in programming
Ginger Ale (natural) - I've heard that this helps with cognitive functioning and circulation but cannot find where I heard that, if this is the case is it ok to take with any of the above or the following
Ginkgo - is this a CNS stimmulant? I know that it helps increase blood and thus oxygen flow to the brain, is this ok if one is drinking coffee/caffeine along with it? Also are there any interactions with the above or below?
Gotu Kola - I've heard this is a great aid for memory as well as general mood. However I am not clear on the functioning mechanism. Again, any interactions?

on a daily basis I also consume at least one or two glasses of organge juice not from concentrate and Silk Enhanced, sometimes Folic Acid as well.

I have Asperger's Syndrome, though on the milder side of the spectrum, and General Anxiety Disorder (perhaps merely a side effect of the Asperger's Syndrome as SSRI's do not seem to help with the anxiety/panic attacks when they do happen). I was looking into DMAE as well but have been told that it could cause problems with anxiety, any ideas? experiences?

Also I know that caffeine restricts blood vessels, at least in the brain, is it safe to take a vascuodialator to counteract the negative effects of this? And perhaps extra vitamin E?

I know there's more but I cannot think of it currently, apologies for misspellings and lack of dossages I am using a hotspot currently to post this and spur of the moment.

Thanks for any help and I'll offer any knowledge I have.
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