"You can't get romantic on a subway line!" (rakehell) wrote in crcommunity,
"You can't get romantic on a subway line!"

What sort of tactics have people used to wean themselves off a "normal" diet and on to CRON?

For awhile I kept a container of spinach in the fridge. I just kept adding spinach, olive oil, and seasoning.

I am pretty good about consuming water. I keep several gallons in the car. I load up when shopping, and then bring them into the house one at a time, as I need them.

I am trying to eat at home more. Less meat.

I told myself I was going to simply start taking swigs of olive oil straight from the bottle, but have rarely done that. I figure it's better than succumbing to cravings for bad fats at other times.

Fitness magazines recommend keeping a cooler in your car. I should really start that.
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